This Day in Infamy: Woman Drives Wrong Way on Highway, Kills Seven

Judy Kirby exits the Morgan County courthouse, May 2001.

On March 25, 2000, a Martinsville resident deliberately drove her car into oncoming traffic, killing six children and one adult.

Estimated to have been travelling at over 90 miles per hour, Judy Kirby was headed northbound in the southbound lane of Indiana State Highway 67 when her rammed into a van driven by Thomas Reel (40). Reel and his two children, Jessica (14) and Bradley (13), were killed in the collision. Kirby’s three children, Jordan (12), Joney (9), and Jacob (5)—as well as a nephew she was raising, Jeremy Young (10)—also died.

Kirby was found guilty of seven counts of murder and sentenced to 215 years in prison in connection with the crash. Her request for a new trial was denied in 2016.


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