Weird News: Indiana’s Version of Carole Baskin

Animal hoarder and person of questionable judgment, Nancy Clemmer

An Alexandria woman was arrested recently after police responded to a complaint of pigs running loose, only to find a domestic situation which will likely haunt their dreams forever. Inside Nancy Clemmer’s home, police found dozens of live animals without access to food or water, the corpses of several dead ones, layers of trash and animal feces “spread across the floors like icing on a cake” and one very neglected 13-year-old girl. When Clemmer refused to cooperate with authorities, police obtained a court order and returned in HAZMAT suits to remove the child and pets from the home. In total, 94 live animals, including 30 dogs, 21 guinea pigs, nine chickens, six lizards, four turtles, three pigs, two parrots and a snake, in addition to several other animals, were seized from the property. Clemmer was charged with Level 6 felony neglect of dependent, Class A misdemeanor neglect of a vertebrate animal and Class C Infraction, and harboring a non-immunized dog.

She told police she was hoping to run an animal rescue.